• Using Event Displays to Grow Your Business
    Posted on: July 26, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    Event displays, whether in the form of roller banners, table banners, or signs, are an important tool to grow your business. Trade shows are filled with potential customers who are actively seeking out new brands and products that could benefit them. No matter your industry, trade shows are one of the best places to establish your brand and create a buzz.

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    4 Ways Event Displays Can Promote Your Company

    Using event displays, you can do four important things that will spark new growth for your business.

    1. Create a Conversation

    You can use table and event displays to create conversations and get people thinking about your brand. You can do this with great products, but the wording on your banners can also be powerful. Ask questions or make suggestions that will get people thinking – and then use these words as a talking point when engaging with people that show interest in your stall.

    2. Display Your Values

    Customers consider a company’s values just as important as the products or services that they sell, which is why it’s important to make your values clear. If your company is supporting a special project, or is set on a mission to change something, make it clear on all your literature. Use roller banners and other displays to show your commitment to something you care about.

    3. Attract Attention

    Your event display should attract attention from across the room. Good designs and bold colors can do this, but you should also consider something extra special. Whether it’s a funny image or a shocking statistic, your display needs to attract attention from across the room.

    4. Provide Contact Information

    Be sure to add your email address, social media information, and phone number on all your displays. This makes it easy for people to keep connected with you.

    Event Displays | Warrensville Heights | Shaker Heights | Solon OH

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