• Tips for Great Vehicle Graphics
    Posted on: September 27, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    Your vehicle graphics can do a lot for your business. This type of advertisement can have a huge impact on your business and get you a massive amount of exposure. If you’ve invested in this type of graphic, make sure that they’re doing their job and people notice. A poorly designed vehicle wrap can take all of the punch out of your vehicle advertising. At Diamond Visual Communications, our team of designers will pay attention to every detail to ensure that your vehicle graphics look great. Here are just a few of the things that you need to watch with your vehicle graphics:

    Vehicle Graphics in Warrensville Heights | Shaker Heights | Cleveland, OH

    Size and Style of Font

    One of the main things that can ruin a good vehicle graphic is the size and look of the font that you use. You want to make sure that your vehicle graphics are readable. And they need to be readable at a distance. People can’t read small print from far away at thirty miles per hour. So, you need to make sure that you display all of the most important information on your vehicle wrap in a font that is readable from a distance. This means you need two things: size and high-contrast. The larger your letters, the more readable they’ll be at a distance. And high-contrast colors also increase readability, even when there’s little light.


    The images you use in your vehicle graphics are another thing you’ll need to make sure are perfect. Small images won’t be seen and too many images will make things look crowded. You’ll want to make sure that you only include relevant images that represent something you do, a service you offer or a product you sell. You’ll also want to make sure that your logo is included before any other images are used.


    Another vital part of great vehicle graphics is placement. Depending on the shape of your car, you need to pay careful attention to where your important messages wind up on your vehicle. For example, you don’t want your most important messaging to go on the back window of a sedan that could only be read from above. You also want to avoid putting important messaging on the hood of your vehicle and maybe totally avoid graphics on your roof. These areas are the most affected by direct sunlight and weather, so they’re usually the first to fade or separate from the car.

    Vehicle Graphics in Warrensville Heights | Shaker Heights | Cleveland, OH

    The Best Vehicle Graphics for You

    By trusting a professional team like Diamond Visual Communications, you don’t have to worry about any of this. So, contact us today for the best vehicle graphics.

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