• New Exterior Sign for Lake Erie Golf Cars
    Posted on: September 25, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    A New Building – A New Sign

    Earlier this year Diamond Visual Communications reached out to fellow Warrensville Heights business Lake Eric Golf Cars who noted needing a new exterior sign. Lake Erie Golf Cars took over their whole building. In front of the building was a big ground sign that belonged to the old business.


    Old Exterior Sign at Lake Erie Golf Cars

    This sign needed to be removed and a new one for Lake Erie Golf Cars to be added

    Lake Erie Golf Cars needed this removed and a new one in its place. Lake Erie Golf Cars built a whole new service department, show room and other areas enabling them to become a leader in sales and rental of golf carts.

    The carts are used for more than just golf. Individuals, governments and businesses have called upon Lake Erie Golf Cars to obtain vehicles. Yamaha and EZGO are the main brands offered by Lake Erie Golf Cars. Besides new carts, used product is available.

    Lake Erie Golf Cars needs a new exterior sign

    Used Golf Cart with Cleveland Cavaliers Logo offered by Lake Erie Golf Cars


    From Concept through Design

    Diamond Visual Communications obtained several logos. Our first design was a monument sign with the base being made of stone. After some revisions an elevated light cabinet would be the structure. It would be internally LED illuminated.


    Original Exterior Sign Design

    Original Design for Lake Erie Golf Cars Exterior Sign


    The City of Warrensville Heights limits signs to 4 colors unless the organization seeks a variance. Lake Erie Golf Cars settled on their logo plus that of CPA Management. Between the two logos, we  would have 4 colors which met code.

    The sign would stand 8 feet tall with posts extending 3.5 feet below ground. The width with the poles is 9 feet. Inside the sign would be a converter taking the 110 volt feed down to 12 volts which is all that is needed to power the LED lights.

    The New Sign

    Diamond Visual Communications produced the new sign in about 4 weeks. Part of installation involved digging holes 3.5 feet deep with a 2 foot diameter. These would hold the posts. Before the sign could be installed the City of Warrensville Heights needed to inspect the holes. This was done to insure the sign would have enough depth and room for cement to hold it in place.

    Following hole approval, the sign was installed. The electrical connection was made with the wiring running from the junction box up inside the leg.


    New Exterior Sign

    New Exterior Sign for Lake Erie Golf Cars


    If you are in need of a new exterior sign in the greater Cleveland area, contact Diamond Visual Communications. We can be reached at 216-367-9898 ext. 101, or visit our website.


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