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  • Posted on: August 23, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    Post and panel signs are a highly versatile signage option. Post and panel signs by Diamond Visual Communications can help your business. A number of businesses use these signs for a number of reasons. They can include any information you want. You can even include your logo and other graphics…

  • Posted on: May 26, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    There are few occupations that rely as heavily on advertising as being a realtor. Most realtors are not paid a base salary by the brokers they work for. So, commission on sales makes up the majority or totality of their pay. That means two things: realtors need sellers and they…

  • Posted on: January 05, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    As the name suggests, freestanding signs are any markers that stand on their own. That is, they are not mounted to walls. Freestanding signs are architectural structures that are separate from buildings and other structures thanks to their self-supporting bases or posts. At Diamond Visual Communications, we are one of…

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