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  • Posted on: September 25, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    A New Building – A New Sign Earlier this year Diamond Visual Communications reached out to fellow Warrensville Heights business Lake Eric Golf Cars who noted needing a new exterior sign. Lake Erie Golf Cars took over their whole building. In front of the building was a big ground sign…

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    Posted on: June 07, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    Cabinet signs are great for catching people’s attention and making sure a message gets through. Also known as lightbox signs or lightbox cabinets, these displays are versatile and valuable. Usable in multiple outdoor locations, they can be both decorative and functional. We make our cabinet signs to stand out. Their…

  • Posted on: May 17, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    The history of Rock and Roll is rich. It is full of heartbreak, triumph, love, hate, violence and passion. Whether it’s Chuck Berry, The Beatles or Michael Jackson, the names and songs are instantly recognizable and eternal. There are few places that document and honor the history and heroes of…

  • Posted on: March 23, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    At its most basic, a cabinet sign consists of an aluminum frame with an internal illumination source that is closed off from the elements by a translucent polycarbonate face. The facing is typically flat, and we add digitally-printed vinyl graphics to showcase your message. If you would like the facing…

  • Posted on: February 07, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    Part of the job description for a property manager is ensuring that your facility projects a strong first impression and that it is simple to locate. Your signs are among the very first things that people notice when they look at your building. When you install high-quality property manager building…

  • Posted on: January 24, 2017
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    If you want to get the most out of your modest advertising budget or if the stores around your establishment are outshining you or if your clients keep telling you they have a hard time finding your shop, you may need lightbox cabinets in Shaker Heights OH. Fortunately, Diamond Visual…

  • Posted on: October 11, 2016
    Posted by: Mark Bailin

    We get a lot of calls about lightbox cabinets signs here at Diamond Visual Communications. Many business owners contact us because they want to know if these markers are right for their enterprise. We have put together this FAQ to answer all of your questions about lightbox cabinet signs in…

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